Ambulatory Care Transformation: Consumers Won’t Wait

Ambulatory care delivery has not evolved much over the past several decades. Many health systems remain inpatient-centric delivery systems, deriving most of their resources, revenue, and margin from inpatient care of the sick and injured. But consider that in 2018, outpatient visits outnumbered inpatient visits nearly 23 to 1.

The increased importance of the ambulatory enterprise and the COVID-19 crisis has required organizations to rethink how they operate, deliver patient-centric care, and manage costs as a system. 

This whitepaper offers three strategies healthcare leaders can use to ensure their ambulatory enterprise is contemporary and effective:

  • Establish the ambulatory enterprise as a vital component of the system.
  • Optimize care delivery to allow for nimble adaptation to the changing demands of the patient population.
  • Keep a critical and innovative eye on the performance and costs of nonclinical functions.

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