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When is an EHR implementation about more than just technology? Traditionally, initial and replacement EHR implementation initiatives are approached as IT projects with sponsorship and leadership provided by technology-focused executives and resources. While technology will always be a significant focus in this type of project, more impactful organization-wide improvements may be realized when an EHR implementation is viewed as a catalyst for transformational changes. ECG recently partnered with Adventist Health System (AHS), headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and athenahealth to assist with implementation of athenahealth’s ambulatory platform where the overarching goal was to simplify, standardize, and optimize the entire physician enterprise.

With vision, communication, implementation, and momentum, an EHR initiative can become a global enterprise transformation.

Be Strategic From the Beginning

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“We are doing a lot more than just swapping out their technology; we’re taking the opportunity to change their work flows. And in some cases, make dramatic changes to their roles within the clinics and outside the clinics.”

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Create a Culture of Communication

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“The most important thing I believe the communication plan allowed for was to resonate and repeat the message of Simplify, Standardize, and Optimize. This is about the future state of our physician enterprise.”

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Drive Successful Implementation 

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“ECG has listened to us and watched and helped design a model for Operation Athena that is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

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Deliver Improved Operations 

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“Our Vision 2020 in the Physician Enterprise is to be top quartile in all areas, and for many years beyond. This is the springboard to make that happen.”

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